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The ‘Murderplays’ performance packs are deliberately easy to perform. They are fully photocopyable documents which provide for a whole evening of comic family entertainment. The actors read out (act) the play using their scripts thus there is no linelearning. There is also no direct audience involvement or questioning...This means that the plays are all easy to perform and stage with a minimum of rehearsal. A profitable fundraising event can be created in under a week!

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Enclosed in each pack is a play in 3 Acts and a murder mystery quiz. In teams the audience compete to do three things:
To determine the correct identity of the murderer/s from the play watched.
To come up with the funniest ‘comedy’ solution to the evening’s events.
To complete the written quiz.

Each ‘Murderplays’ pack contains a script, a quiz, a poster template, character outlines and solution sheets… not to mention the three different audience answer sheets. All of these materials are fully photocopyable for the purchasing venue. (The play and instructions are also sent on disc.) The pack also contains full suggestions as to how to successfully stage the evening.

Each pack costs £55.00… Each is fully tried and tested and has proved ‘incredibly’ successful. Your centre is at liberty to determine ticket prices for the play and whether or not to sell refreshments between the Acts… Thus, as well as popular, ‘Murderplays’ performance evenings have proved 'very' profitable! (The copyright covers performances of the play at your stipulated venue only.)

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If you do not wish to use our online shopping cart you can alternatively purchase a ‘Murderplays’ pack by contacting Chris Martin by telephone on 01257 483702, or by using the Contact Us page, to request an order form. Or you could simply send a cheque for £55.00 payable to ‘Chris Martin’ to ‘Murderplays’, 72 Bolton Road, Adlington, Lancashire PR6 9NA, U.K, stipulating the pack you require. (If you are not satisfied in any way you are entitled to a full refund.)



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The best night out I've had in ten years!
(Comment courtesy of the Tredgar Players, Gwent.)

Just a quick note to let you know that our recent fundraising murder mystery evening, featuring "Who Killed the Director?" was a huge success - raising over £1000 for Croydon Youth Theatre!
Kathryn Vincent (Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation)

Our theatre in Hinckley, Leicestershire have just staged one of your murder mystery plays ‘Who Killed the Hotel Manager?’. We took £1,000 in ticket and bar sales, It was a great success and every one loved it!
Kathryn Vincent (Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation)

I was concerned as to whether reading from the script would detract from the production… not a bit of it… a resounding success!
Cherie Hamlet-Smith (WI- Ashford, Kent)

The feedback has been tremendous. When asked if they wanted us to stage another murder mystery, the answer was a resounding…’yes’!!
Mike Crowe- Shanklin Theatre (Who Killed the Hotel Manager?)

The very best Whodunnit script I’ve ever read!
(Anita Mobbs- Mulberry Theatre Company.)

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